Elevator Speech- Truth about Training

05 Sep

What would you say if I could tell you the key ingredient on how to keep your organization relevant, reduce waste, and increase productivity and profit? Before I let you in on this secret do you know that today’s successful organizations are competing and increasing their presence on a global market, have become more technological savvy and are able to adapt to an ever changing environment both internally and externally. You might be asking yourself; how are they doing this? Well the key to any organization success begins with its people. If you invest in your people then your return on investment will be a successful profitable organization. Let’s go back to the original question, what is the ingredient needed to keep your organization relevant, reduce waste, and increase productivity and profit. This ingredient is also that stock you need to invest in and that is training and development. With training and development you can provide your people the social and cross cultural competencies needed to compete in a global diverse market. You can provide them also with the skills and knowledge needed to operate and stay on top of the latest technology. You can also provide them with adaptive thinking skills needed to deal with change. These are just of the few critical skills that training and development can provide. A well trained workforce will increase productivity, reduce waste and increase profit ensuring your organization stays relevant in today’s global market. When you’re ready to invest in training and development give me a call and I can develop a training plan and portfolio for your organization. Here is my card and number.


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2 responses to “Elevator Speech- Truth about Training

  1. Stacie

    September 6, 2014 at 12:57 am


    Greet elevator speech. You highlighted three key points that any organizational manager wants to hear: increase productivity, decrease waste and make a profit. In my field, I have seen so much waste insofar as man hours and money due to lack of training. For instance, in my current position, because we do not or have not received the proper training in order to perform our jobs as instructional designers, we waste a great deal of time spending our wheels, creating products that do not meet the overall intent, and so on. Overall, what this amounts to is decreased productivity, increased waste, which converts to wasted dollars. If I may add a suggestion, I would move the aforementioned key points to the beginning of the elevator speech in order to “hook” the client right away, opposed to having them wait a minute or more, which can lead to them losing interest right away.

  2. adamedinger

    September 7, 2014 at 10:38 pm


    Wow, very nicely done. I really enjoyed how you grabbed the listeners attention right away with a question about how they could improve their organization. And then you move forward and attempt to answer those same questions and help the organization improve before you even got the job. Basically giving them a taste test of what training can do for them and how you would work said training. Again nice job, I look forward to following you posts in the future.


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