Personal Development Plan

19 Oct

I just started a new job recently as an instructional system specialist for the Defense Audit Agency. I am now starting over again even though I have experience developing courses under my belt. I am in with a new team of co-workers in a new environment and culture that I am still trying to adapt too. It is always helpful when your employer has training and development programs in place to help you become a productive member of the team and adapt to the culture. The following are four types of development programs that would help me attain my goals and that I would advocate to my employer to provide:

  1. Having an education program in place can be helpful to attaining future skills and staying up with trends within the field of instructional development. New tools and procedures are always coming out and it would be beneficial to attain these skills though formal training at a school house or through some consultant. It would be also beneficial to attend seminars and professional conferences since they always provide all sorts of training, have vendors showing the latest tools and it is one of the best ways to meet as well as network with other professionals in the field.
  2. Performance appraisal is the process of measuring employee’s performance. It includes a clear understanding of the difference between current performance and expected performance, identifying causes of the performance discrepancy, and developing action plans to improve performance (Noe, 2013). Implementing a 360-degree feedback system would be beneficial to my development because I not only would be getting input of my work performance from my supervisor but also from peers, customers and other managers. This is a more realistic feedback since my immediate supervisor is not the person I directly work with or impact when performing my job duties. The customers, peers and other managers are the ones who are directly impacted by my task performance and are the ones who have can see firsthand if I performed as expected. Their feedback would be most important since they are the main customers of my work. They are the ones that either receives the course material I develop or are the ones who helped me develop it.
  3. Noe (2013) states a mentor is an experienced senior employee who helps developed a less experienced employee. My next program that I wish to have to help with my development is to have a mentor assigned to me through an organizational mentor program. What better way to learn advance job skills and ways to get promoted then by having someone who has done it guide you on what you must do to further your career. A mentor can also help me when I am stuck with job tasks and be there to hear me vent when things go wrong and provide ways to overcome these things.
  4. Job rotation gives employees a series of job assignments in various functional areas of the company or movement among jobs in a single functional area or department (Noe, 2013). Having a job rotation program at work would help expose me to other areas within the organization that I might be interested to pursue and can provide me a view of how these duties fit into the overall picture of developing and supporting the courses we develop for our instructors and students.


Noe, R. A. (2013). Employee Training and Development (6th ed.). NY, NY: McGraw Hill.

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